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Foot Scanners

There are different types of foot scanners available as follows:

  • Automatic 3D foot scanner
  • Portable 3D foot scanner
  • 2D Plantar foot scanner

Automatic 3D foot scanner – Infoot

Using state of the art cameras and lasers, the INFOOT® 3D footscanner is fast, accurate, portable and easy to use. It is available in two sizes that can scan up to 150mm and 250mm in height.

Once the customer is placed in the correct position the scanning is fully automatic and produces a 3d model of the foot in seconds. The software comes complete with a customer database system and with measuring software to capture the main dimensions of the foot

It can be used as a stand-alone machine for foot measuring and size estimation or used in conjunction with Shoemaster Custom for shape analysis and customisation of lasts. The scanner can also be used to scan casts and lasts.


Automatic 3D foot scanner – Foot in 3D

The Foot in 3D scanner is a universal orthopaedic foot scanner designed to produce high quality and accurate scans of both feet and lasts. It is capable of capturing data up to 0.3mm with a scanning speed of up to 16 seconds.            

Based on proven laser technology, the Foot in 3D comprises of 8 cameras and 4 laser projectors. The laser technology allows scans to be captured in ambient light conditions, ensuring the device is both accurate and user friendly in many different environments. 

The scanner also comes complete with a foot and last analysis and measurement software.


Portable 3D foot scanner – Body Scan

The Body Scan 3D Scanner is the one of the fastest handheld scanners on the market today, creating 3D scans 10 times faster than standard 3D scanners. Using dynamic referencing technology the user can move the scanned object during 3D scanning as there is no rigid set up or marker plates needed.

Body Scan is also highly accurate and portable being able to capture data up to 1 mm and weighing in at only 1.1kgs. The simple usability is key to the Body Scans success, offering no preparation, set up or mechanical constraints. With an ergonomic design and large scanning area the Body Scan 3D scanner is the ideal portable 3D foot scanner.

It also comes complete with a software package for scanning feet and legs that includes a specially designed user interface to simplify the scanning process into simple stages depending on what body part is being scanned.


Analysis of Footscans

Foot scans can be analysed using Shoemaster Custom where the shape and dimensions of feet can be compared to lasts and lasts can be customised to fit an individual foot.





CSM3D has become Shoemaster International and will perform a central role in the global business,  working in close partnership with Shoemaster s.r.l, a newly created Italian technical-commercial support division that will be based at the Atom headquarters in Vigevano. This is in addition to a worldwide network of service companies shared with Atom.

The investment is not only in advancing the technological development, but also enlarging the worldwide distribution network for the suite of Shoemaster® applications that are recognized as the leading platform for 3D integrated shoe design and manufacture.

The business strategy involves a quantum leap on the technological front by extending the integration of Shoemaster® with the production range of Atom and Main Group technologies. In addition to utilizing the combined strength of the groups worldwide sales network, enhancing a market orientated approach to “delivering service” and satisfying the demand for global integration and production coordination in the footwear industry.